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The Co-living sector has a growing pipeline across the UK, with investors, developers and operators all looking to diversify away from more ‘traditional’ property asset classes and into the ‘Living’ sectors. Several factors underpin the investment case for Co-living, including the chronic housing shortage, increasing population, urbanisation, decreasing household size and shifting consumer attitudes. Much of the demand for Co-living comes from recent graduates and young professionals starting out in their career. This demographic is attracted to a professionally managed product that is typically close to city centre attractions and job opportunities.

Co-living offers them the amenities and promise of community they are seeking (and which many of them are accustomed to from PBSA) – all at an attractive price point.

The current age profile of the two largest operational schemes, The Collective’s Old Oak and Canary Wharf schemes shows that a significant majority of residents, 79%, are aged between 18 and 35.

Co-living’s focus on facilitating interaction between residents can also reduce loneliness, an important factor in supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

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