Community Finance Infrastructure

Building local finance infrastructure to empower neighbourhood wellbeing

We have identified three elements of community finance infrastructure that we believe have the potential to enable the transition from our current economic models to one that better supports wellbeing and ecology.

Community Innovation Partnerships

Community Innovation Partnerships are designed to help the public, community and social enterprise sectors by enabling them to unlock the knowledge and innovation in their communities by providing a procurement model and system that will help them to develop innovative service offers that engage their communities and address social and environmental wellbeing.

Community Wellbeing Exchanges

In the middle of a Cost-of-Living crisis Community Wellbeing Exchanges provide the public with tools to help people to reduce their reliance on finance and money to exchange time, skills and share underutilised assets.

Community Innovation Labs

Community Innovation Labs are one of three pillars of Community Alliance infrastructure designed to bring communities, the public sector, and social entrepreneurs together to collaborate deeply and mindfully and to co-create ideas and develop solutions to the challenges we face in our local communities and neighbourhoods.

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