Community Wellbeing Exchanges

Providing digital infrastructure to empower community wellbeing

In the middle of a Cost-of-Living crisis Community Wellbeing Exchanges provide the public with tools to help people to reduce their reliance on finance and money to exchange time, skills and share underutilised assets.

By providing a GDPR compliant platform that helps democratise data and community led research they empower people to take control of their own data, they enable people to improve their personal and neighbourhood wellbeing.

Community Wellbeing Exchanges provide:

  • A Local Community Exchange Platform (Directory)
  • GDPR Data Sharing Compliance (Wellbeing Wallets)
  • Validated Data Passes

In order to make these exchanges appealing and valuable to engage with they will also provide:

  • A Voucher Platform (gifts and rewards)
  • A Time banking Platform (time-based currency)
  • An Exchange Platform (token-based value currency)
  • A Local Payment Platform (national currency)

Using our structured approach, we can leverage community data and connect people with the services they need.


Dorset Community Wellbeing Exchange

We are currently seeking partners to join our Wellbeing Exchanges Lab members and apply the innovation and technology across Dorset to help support Community Wellbeing at a Neighbourhood level.

The initial focus will be on the development of Neighbourhood Time-banking and the co-development of Wellbeing Wallets.

Wellbeing Exchanges Lab

We are working with members to create a Community Innovation Lab with a focus on Community Wellbeing based upon sharing data.  Bringing together purpose led businesses and social enterprises, community groups and the public sector to co-develop digital community wellbeing infrastructure that touches communities through  Community Wellbeing Exchanges.  The journey is beginning with Time banking and Wellbeing Wallets.

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