Community Innovation Partnerships

Unlocking procurement and local innovation with a collaborative approach

Community Innovation Partnerships are designed to help the public, community and social enterprise sectors by enabling them to unlock the knowledge and innovation in their communities by providing a procurement model and system that will help them to develop innovative service offers that engage their communities and address social and environmental wellbeing.

Community Innovation Partnerships provide:

  • A procurement process that is compliant with procurement law
  • A procurement process that is democratised and accessible to all
  • A procurement process that rewards collaboration and decentralisation over competition
  • Procurement and financial risk underwriting
  • Social, Environmental and Wellbeing Impact measurement
  • Incubation and mentoring to new social enterprises and joint ventures that may emerge, respond, and participate in service delivery from this process through Community Innovation Labs

Using our structured approach, we can leverage community innovation to enable us to continue to develop and innovate new finance infrastructure and services.


Dorset Community Innovation Partnership

We are seeking to develop a Community Innovation Partnership for Dorset. Primarily to pilot this approach to procurement practice in a way that enhances community wellbeing and the ecology  of Dorset.

Dorset Procurement Lab

We are seeking to develop “Commercial Tools” and “Markets” to pilot new procurement practices ahead of new UK procurement laws coming into effect in a few months time.

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